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About the company

Our company specializes in organizing tours in Norway. We offer a wide variety of itineraries and services so that our clients can fully enjoy the beautiful sights and society of this amazing country. We work only with experienced guides and trusted partners to guarantee the high quality of our service.

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Our advantages

The advantages of our company are that we offer an individual approach to each client and can tailor our tours to any request. We also take care of the comfort of our customers, providing comfortable accommodation and transportation at all stages of the journey.

Popular destinations

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"Features of the Fjords"


This tour offers an unforgettable journey through one of Norway's most amazing natural phenomena. Tourists will visit the famous fjords, enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and mountain landscapes

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"Northern Lights"


This tour encompasses the unforgettable experience of watching the northern lights. Our clients will go to secluded places where they can observe this phenomenon in all its glory, as well as visit other sights in the area

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"Discovering Fjorland"


On this tour, tourists can see the places where the Vikings lived and enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient towns. They will visit nature reserves and national parks with beautiful nature

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"Islands and Crabs"


This tour offers a unique look at the rich flora and fauna of Scandinavia. Clients will visit islands, where they can observe ornithological sites and enjoy fresh seafood

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Why it is worth buying our tours

Our corporation ensures you an unforgettable enjoy of travelling Norway, complete of impressions and emotions. You may be capable of experience the splendor of nature and tradition of this exceptional country. We offer the quality provider and deal with the consolation of every client. In addition, we are able to tailor our excursions to any requests and wants to make your ride truely individual.

Our excursions additionally offer the possibility to experience the specific nature of Norway, which cannot be observed everywhere else withinside the world. You can recognize brilliant fjords, mountain peaks, lakes and forests in addition to see wild existence and country wide parks.

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